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Anita Rudas


I have been dealing with writing, coordinating domestic and EU tenders since 2008. I received my degree in Chemistry Teaching at Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest. Currently, I work as a science teacher, an adult education leader and the manager of the school’s dormitory at Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational School and Youth Hostel in Dabas. I have seven years of experience in the field of Erasmus programmes, both in KA1 and KA2. I have organised traineeships to Finland, Germany, England, Turkey, Portugal and Italy and I worked in the evaluation process of these types of projects as well. I worked as the project coordinator of the Hungarian partner in a two- and a three-year international environmental protection project in the last five years. I have a vast experience, appropriate knowledge, and organisational competences in implementing successful projects that satisfy all requirements.