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Anita Rudas


I have been dealing with writing, coordinating domestic and EU tenders since 2008. I received my degree in Chemistry Teaching at Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest. Currently, I work as a science teacher, an adult education leader and the manager of the school’s dormitory at Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational School and Youth Hostel in Dabas. I have seven years of experience in the field of Erasmus programmes, both in KA1 and KA2. I have organised traineeships to Finland, Germany, England, Turkey, Portugal and Italy and I worked in the evaluation process of these types of projects as well. I worked as the project coordinator of the Hungarian partner in a two- and a three-year international environmental protection project in the last five years. I have a vast experience, appropriate knowledge, and organisational competences in implementing successful projects that satisfy all requirements.




Katalin Jamrik


I received my BA degree in English Language and Literature Teaching and Communication at Kodolányi János College, later MA degree in English Language and Literature teaching at Eszterházi Károly University, Eger. I work as a teacher in Janikovszky Éva Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School in Budapest, Hungary. I have taken part in numerous Erasmus projects as a 3D learning material developer (KA2) and also as an accompanying teacher in student mobility programmes. My main responsibility was the students’ foreign language preparation and maintaining contact with the host institute. As an accompanying teacher I helped the students to integrate in the foreign country successfully. Currently I have been working in the preparatory process, implementation and dissemination of Erasmus mobility and strategic partnership projects.



Károly Jamrik


I received my degree in Building Engineering at Pollach Mihály University, Pécs and I have thirty years of experience in the field of HVAC. I work as a private building engineer and also obtain the position of VET teacher in Arany János Technical Secondary School, Budapest. In the past I worked as a project manager of Középületépítő Plc and I took part in the execution of the construction and modernisation of several public buildings such as ELTE, the Museum of Fine Arts or St. Stephen’s Basilica, to name a few. As a chief engineer I worked for a corporation where I was responsible for evaluating tenders for twelve years. I have a valuable experience in the private sector and managing a company. Additionally, one of my newest areas of expertise is technical building systems engineering using renewable energy sources, which I can exploit in projects focusing on environmental protection.